What do we do?

We are engaged in structuring, planning or realigning your business, particularly from the legal point of view, providing insights and, ultimately, taking part in its innovation.



Cristina Andrade Salvador, Esq.

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Bachelor of Laws from the University of São Paulo (USP - 1982); Graduate in Business Administration with emphasis in International Business from Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV - 2000); Specialization in Capital Markets from the University of São Paulo (2002). Cristina is currently in the final stage of her Master’s degree in Global Management from BI International.

Areas of expertise: Legal Management, Corporate Communications and New Business Development.



We can help you implement your business

    Consulting Services for New Business

    We are focused on supporting our clients in their projects for creating a new business (entrepreneurship), in Brazil or abroad, within appropriate conditions and in accordance with the pertinent rules, regulations and legal standards.

    Business Reorganization

    We seek to redesign business arrangements, providing management-related insights (in partnership with specialized companies) and implement beneficial and successful changes.


    We drive intellectual empowerment in view of an ever-changing environment to help our clients achieve sustainable advantages and a competitive edge.

    Legal Management

    We devote our experience to address any gaps or provide directions in areas other than the core activities of law firms.

Areas of expertise

We rely on extensive experience in different business industries.

New Business Development

We support our clients to make creating and managing a new business come true, covering different, whilst complementary, areas of expertise, by means of highly specialized partners in their respective areas (both nationally and internationally).

Legal Framework Support Projects

We review critical areas of law firms placing emphasis on the following aspects:
- Winning new clients and Developing business opportunities;
- Institutional Relations;
- Digital Marketing;
- Visual Identity;
- Internal marketing;
- Internal and external communication;
- Social Media;
- Events;
- Rankings;
- Training internal teams.





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